A look at baseball footwear and cleat styles

Womens Softball Cleats

Womens softball cleats for women and girls are sold for both slow pitch and fastpitch by many brands.

Womens softball cleats come in a wide variety of styles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  The best pair for you will be determined through a mixture of comfort as well as performance style.  You want a shoe that plays to your strengths as much as possible, so that you can be the best player possible.  The best thing to do in most cases, is to go to a local sporting goods store so that you can get some advice on footwear, and also try on a few womens softball cleats.  But before you run out, you may want a little background so that you’re an informed shopper.

The most important factor of any womens softball cleats, are the construction that they employ.  There are two major types of cleats, plastic and metal.  With plastic cleats you’ll have to make a choice on either molded, or interchangeable cleats.  Molded style are not removable, and feature hard plastic that’s attached to a plastic frame on the bottom of your shoe.  These are great for the average player or beginner.  Interchangeable womens softball cleats allow for a different level of adaptability to your playing surface.  With interchangeable you can actually change the type of spike that your cleat uses on the fly.  So if you’re in the outfield you can switch to a grass spike, and then a dirt specific spike when you’re up to bat.

Metal womens softball cleats are best reserved for the most experienced players.  Also you’ll have to look up the regulations of the league in which you play, before purchasing them.  Because of the increased risk of injury to other players, metal cleats are banned in most amateur leagues.  However, metal is the most durable, and provides the most field stability of any type.  They also are the most expensive, but no other shoe is as long lasting, or provides as much traction as metal cleats.

Another factor to consider will be which brand you should go with.  While the big makers like Adidas are more expensive, they are also worth the money.  Usually a more reputable sports manufacturer is best because their merchandise tends to be of a higher degree of quality.  So splashing out the extra money for Nike and Adidas cleats will give you a return in the shoe’s durability and performance.  This is important if you want your shoes to last a long time, and also give you the on field performance you expect from your footwear.

When you’re actually looking to purchase womens softball cleats, the best thing to do is go to a sporting goods store.  That way you can ensure that you find quality shoes that fit, and are perfectly comfortable.  It’s not advisable to purchase shoes online without having tested a similar model first.  Otherwise you could end up with a $50 shoe that doesn’t fit, and the hassle of returning it for a different size, or your money back.  But it can be a good tactic to price shop by using a local shop for shoe sizing and comfort concerns, then just buying your womens softball cleats for cheaper online.