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Signed Baseball

The signed baseball is a classic form of autographed sports memorabilia, with many players sharing their signature on collectible balls.

Purchasing a signed baseball can be a great way to build your memorabilia collection in a great new way.  Sometimes you just can’t get the stars of old, to sign new balls anymore, making it extremely difficult to find quality merchandise.  In those situations, your only real option, is to purchase a ball that’s been previously signed, so that you can still get the signature you want.  However, the world of signed baseball memorabilia is fairly crowded with scams, so you will want to be careful about making your purchase.

It’s important to realize that before buying any type of signed baseball, you need to understand that there are an awful lot of scams out there on the market.  Unfortunately, there are several different scam artists out there that specialize in writing fake signatures on all different types of memorabilia.  Combined with a fake picture, or fake certificate of authenticity, they are able to sell the same items over and over again, to reap a huge profit.  To avoid this, and keep your collection authentic, you’re going to want to only go with products that you can guarantee are safe to purchase.  That way, you can be sure you’re not falling victim to a scam of any kind, so that you can keep your purchases scam free.

The first key to finding trusted sellers, is researching every resource before you even think about doing business.  This is especially important in matters concerning online companies.  Online companies are a great way to find rare, or hard to find signed baseball memorabilia of all different kinds, but guaranteeing it’s authenticity is a completely different story.  Always pay attention to customer reviews, or professional reviews of the site itself.  See what people complain about, and anything about the product being a possible scam, should be an instant red flag warning, and you should avoid the site completely.

This is especially true when it comes to sites like eBay, and other such auction sites where you can’t always see which items are authentic and which aren’t.  For that reason researching is essential, because eBay is full of scams for all different types of signed baseballs.  Always review a sellers history, and ensure that they are known for selling quality merchandise, that nobody has had a problem with.  Only then can you be sure that you’re getting a true signed baseball, that’s actually  been branded by the star you’re looking for, whether they be Reggie Jackson or Babe Ruth himself.

Of course, you can bypass the online scam community, and also look for your signed baseball merchandise through tradeshows that may be available in your area. You’ll find that collectors are always willing to showcase what they have available, and some of their most prized items can always be purchased for the right price.  While it may be more expensive than online shopping, you’re usually more likely to get a reputable item, that you can guarantee is authentic.  This way, you get that signed baseball you’ve been looking to add to your collection, without any trouble.