A look at baseball footwear and cleat styles

New Balance Baseball Cleats

New Balance baseball cleats and shoes can be bought in a wide variety of colors and models for adults and kids.

New Balance baseball cleats are the utmost in performance and durability.  They are absolutely perfect if you want to achieve the highest level possible in your baseball game.  There are also a wide variety of New Balance baseball cleats to choose from, and the best type for you will depend on a few factors.  You always want your cleats to be perfectly comfortable, so that they will aide your performance, opposed to restrict it.  You should always strive to try your shoes out at a sporting goods store before settling on a final pair as well, so that you can ensure you’ll be perfectly happy.

One of the things you’ll need to consider about New Balance baseball cleats is what type of ankle support they offer.  There are three major types of ankle cut, high top, mid top, and low top.  High tops will provide maximum ankle protection, so the likelihood that you’ll sustain an injury is the lowest.  However a high top can also restrict movement which will affect your game.  Mid top provide some protection and also more mobility than high tops.  Low top are intended for fast players that want the most speed and mobility possible.  They don’t restrict movement at all, so you’ll achieve your highest speeds with ease.

Another thing you’ll have to consider is whether the shoes use laces, or Velcro.  Most New Balance baseball cleats use laces to keep the shoes tight, and as adjustable as possible.  However, over time during a game your laces can become loose, and trying to properly tighten them can become a hassle.  Velcro is unlikely to loosen up during the course of a game, but also don’t usually give you the same snug fit that laces will.

The last thing you’ll have to consider is the type of spikes that your New Balance baseball cleats use.  The main two are plastic and metal cleats.  Plastic is good because they are cheaper, and also the most common to be found.  There are even two types of plastic cleats, molded and interchangeable.  Molded plastic cleats refer to a type in which the spikes are permanently attached to the bottom of the shoe.  Interchangeable allow you to remove the spikes, which can increase shoe life as broken spikes can be easily and cheaply replaced.  Metal spikes are the most durable and provide the most stability, but are also the most expensive.  However, metal spikes are also banned in most amateur leagues, so you’ll have to check the rules before purchasing a pair.

The best way to buy New Balance baseball cleats, is by going to a sporting goods store.  That’s the best way to find a pair that you’ll be completely happy with, because you can try them out before you purchase them.  Typically you can expect to pay around $50-$90 for a really good pair.  Another thing to remember is that leather is more breathable and stretches more than other shoe types.  They could be more expensive, but that extra price will go into providing more durability and increased mobility when you’re running the bases, or running for a catch.