A look at baseball footwear and cleat styles

Baseball Turf Shoes

Baseball turf shoes for artificial grass surfaces are necessary cleats for optimal performance, offered in mens, youth, and womens models.

Playing on artificial turf almost always means that you’re going to need a different type of equipment, no matter what sport you’re playing.  This is also true of baseball turf shoes, where you want to find the right pair to match your playing surface.  You’ll find that turf shoes are much different from standard cleats, as they aren’t made to dig into the ground in the same way.  Instead, they are ideal for gripping the surface, and giving you plenty of traction, without slowing you down the way that artificial surfaces can.  Only by ensuring that you have a good pair of baseball turf shoes, can you guarantee you’re able to play in literally any condition.

The reason that you need special shoes for surfaces like this, is simply that turf is a completely different animal than dirt or real grass.  You’ll find that baseball turf shoes are necessary, because you can’t dig into the turf with normal cleats.  Wearing a standard pair of shoe will have you sticking to the ground too much, which can become uncomfortable, difficult, and just plain annoying.  You’ll lose a lot of speed, which means you won’t be able to keep up with the ball.  But what’s worse, you won’t be able to perform at your best and your equipment will be to blame.

So that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a great pair of baseball turf shoes on hand, for any time you’ll be playing indoors.  Just remember the same purchasing rules apply to this type of shoe, as any standard pair of baseball cleats.  That means you want to try out every single pair before purchasing, so that you get an idea of how they feel beforehand.  Check out the shoes that you have your eye one, and be sure that they feel perfectly fine on your feet, otherwise you can run into problems fatiguing more quickly, or simply feeling uncomfortable the whole time you’re playing, which can really damage your game.

Of course you will also want to think about the way in which your baseball turf shoes grip the artificial surface as well.  You’ll find that some shoes feature miniature studs all along the bottom of the shoe, and that can be ideal for ensuring that you’re able to plant, and throw perfectly every single time.  However, you can run into problems when you’re trying to run your fastest in these, as they tend to grip the ground a little too well sometimes.  For that reason, if you count on speed, you want a bottom that’s a little smoother, so that your natural motion isn’t restricted, and you can really let your legs go.

Purchasing baseball turf shoes is the same as normal cleats, and you’ll still want to go to an athletic retailer.  While normal shoe stores may not carry turf shoes, big chains like Dick’s Sporting Goods are pretty much bound to have the shoe that you want, no matter the circumstance.  Just remember to always try your baseball turf shoes before settling on a pair, so that you can ensure that you find the right one, every time.