A look at baseball footwear and cleat styles

Baseball Footwear

Baseball footwear is offered in a wide selection of cleats and shoes in mens and kids styles.

Anyone looking to be the best baseball player that you possibly can be, needs to have the right equipment.  The importance of proper baseball footwear cannot be overstated.  Your cleats need to be selected for the type of player you are, so that you can utilize them to the absolute maximum of their ability.  Not finding the right baseball footwear can lead to you failing to achieve your full potential.  Also, not finding shoes that are comfortable can lead to posture problems, and foot pain in youth players.

So one of the first things to understand about baseball footwear, is that there are a wide variety of choices that will be put before you.  The best thing to do in any circumstance, is to go to a sporting goods store and try on a few different types of cleats.  A store employee will be able to give you pointers based upon your, or your child’s play style, which sneaker is the best for you.  There will be many considerations you’ll have to make, from brand, to cleat style.  The type you settle on will determine how much freedom of movement you have, and also how stable your cleats are on different surfaces.

One of the major decisions for any baseball footwear, is the type of cleats that your shoes employ.  There are three common types, molded, interchangeable, and also metal cleats.  Molded are the most common, and are comprised of plastic that has been molded into a cleat like shape.  They aren’t removable, and aren’t quite as stable as either of your other choices.  But molded plastic cleats tend to be the cheapest.  Interchangeable cleats are perfect for the seasoned player.  They allow you to change out the individual cleats so that you can adapt to a particular surface, or whether you’ll be running on grass or dirt.  Metal cleats are the most expensive, and provide the most traction, but are banned in many amateur leagues because of the potential to injure other players.

Another concern is the how high your shoe goes up the ankle.  For extra protection, and for anyone that has experienced ankle injuries in the past, you’ll want a shoe that goes higher up your ankle.  This way you get proper support, and don’t risk injury while running.  The standard player will feel most comfortable with medium length ankle protection, to allow for mobility as well as protection.  For the players that are very fast, you’ll want shoes that are low cut, to provide for maximum mobility while running the bases.

When you’re actually looking to purchase a pair of cleats, a local sporting goods store is your best bet so that you can try the cleats beforehand.  Remember to stick to the big brands, like Adidas and Nike, because they are usually the most widely appreciated.  If you feel like purchasing online baseball footwear instead, make sure that you’ve tried every shoe at a store first.  That way you can ensure that the size is correct, and that the cleats are perfectly comfortable.  On average baseball footwear can cost in the area of $40-$100.